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Leveraging years of experience in last mile distribution and expertise in working across rural markets Chennai based Inthree access has built an exclusive rural assisted Commerce platform www.boonbox.com and hub and spoke logistic network to directly connect B2B and B2C customers in rural areas. BoonboxTM offers all the product categories and SKUs to the rural customer that they aspire for, at their doorstep!
Inthree’s core team has years of experience in last mile distribution and expertise in assisting many top corporates in designing and implementing projects in rural locations, aimed at accessing the rural customer in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
Having solved the multiple challenges in rural marketing of access, payment collection and last mile reach, pioneering assisted Commerce business in rural areas, was only a natural progression to Inthree.
Since its inception in 2011, BoonboxTM has sold over 1.5 million durables worth around ₹ 1 Billion to more than 1 million households spread across 15000 villages in 4 states.
Is it possible to get access to the rural market simply with an assisted Commerce platform or is there more to it? Lets understand how Inthree has made this possible.
Indian rural network is very different from the rest of the world. There are more problems than advantages. Inthree converted these problems into opportunities.
  • First created an assisted Commerce platform www.boonbox.com that is multilingual and easy to access. Boonbox™ has both B2B and B2C elements built into them.
  • Forged alliances with many leading manufacturers of consumer durables, appliances, electronics, mobiles, Gold, silver, furniture, apparels, etc., As of today there are more than 3000 SKUs.
  • With some suppliers the product and inventory details are directly integrated through an API with Boonbox™.
In the B2C Segment
  • Inthree has identified influencers at Panchayat level in villages and appointed them as Boonbox™ Associates. They are given an android tablet with Boonbox™ app and trained by Inthree team.
  • Boonbox™ Associates show the eCatalogue to consumers and book orders and collect cash and transfer them to Inthree.
  • Most of these villages do not have any last mile connectivity and each village cluster is unique. So based on the geography and existing network Inthree has set up a hub and spoke logistics network to reach out to these villages. Through this network Inthree delivers the products to the end consumer.
  • To provide after sales support Inthree has set up multilingual call centers. In case of any issues consumers contact these call centers either directly or through Boonbox™ Associates. Call centers in turn coordinate with the respective suppliers to sort these out.

There are more than 700 Boonbox™ associates today serving over 15000 villages with direct access to 150 million consumers.

In the B2B Segment
  • Boonbox's sales team reaches out to the retailers in rural areas.
  • Have direct tie-ups with manufacturers to buy and sell products to rural customers.
  • Books orders based on their need.
  • Collects cash.
  • Supplies products through its hub and spoke logistics arm.

Boonbox™ is catering to more than 1040 retailers today across 15000 villages.

Boonbox™ is the safest bet to reach the farthest towns and villages in the hinterland and is a great channel to distribute products and services to the vast rural audience.